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Tile Flooring


If you are looking for a tile contractor or tile installer in the greater Austin, Texas area, look no further. Our tile installation team at Arbor Floor N Design in Cedar Park, Texas has over 10 years of experience with nearly every flooring surface imaginable, including the knowledge and craftsmanship necessary to install tile right the first time. From Georgetown, Lakeway, Round Rock, Central Texas, Cedar Park and Austin, our team has installed a variety of tile materials throughout residential and commercial properties, guaranteeing our quality job through a 100% satisfaction. As a locally-owned and operated flooring company here in central Texas, our team knows that upgrading and installing flooring can be an investment for our neighbors of both time and finances, which is why we work with you every step of the way to not only help you find a flooring solution you will love, but one that will last.

Benefits of Tile Flooring

Choosing the best flooring for your room or heavily trafficked area can be a challenge because you want to find something that not only is aesthetically pleasing, but you want to find a product that will last. While carpet and hardwood both have their benefits, installing tile flooring can be a budget-friendly solution, especially in an area that sees a lot of foot traffic such as a bathroom, kitchen or mudroom. Tile is a durable solution for flooring because it is extremely resilient when dealing with stains or wear. Because of its durability, installing tile also means having a low maintenance space because there is not much in the way of upkeep. Tile flooring is often a great choice for areas of Texas due to the sandy soil and climate. Did we mention it is cost effective? As one of the cheapest options for flooring, tile is also easy to replace, should the unlikely event of chipping or damage happen.

Types of Tile Flooring


More impervious than traditional ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles must meet a strict set of absorption criteria, making them more dense, fine, and smooth. A cost effective solution, think of porcelain as a more refined version of a ceramic, therefore costing a bit more per tile, yet tend to be harder and more durable than ceramic. It is best used in areas that are exposed to high-moisture, such as bathrooms.


Choosing ceramic tile means choosing a material produced from clay that is typically prepared and formed into a mold. Ceramic is similar to porcelain, yet tend to have more impurities on the surface which can fit certain styles and aesthetics. Of all the tile options, ceramic tile flooring is one of the most economical options for any room or home.


Looking for a decorative option to spice up that flooring? Mosaics are one of the most popular used for creating colorful and creative spaces. Typically, a mosaic consists of smaller tiles laid out to create a ‘bigger picture’ or piece with greater impact, visually.


Looking for a more modern aesthetic flooring style for your Austin-area home or commercial space? Glass is often a way to spruce up that space offering a variety of design and color options. As a more costly solution to flooring with higher maintenance needs, especially in heavily trafficked areas, glass can easily bring an elegant, modern and sophisticated feel to any space. They are easy to clean, resistant to stain and mold, but tend to show dirt more. Looking for an eco-friendly solution to flooring? Glass typically takes half the energy to produce compared to ceramic.

Natural Stone

From granite and marble to limestone and slate, stone is an aesthetically beautiful way to outfit a home or space with a natural look and feel. Each type of stone has its own look and feel, from granite which is a denser rock with a speckled look available in many colors, to marble, which is more porous than granite with rich veining. Slate is available in darker, more earthly tones best installed in a highly-trafficked area while Limestone can be found in more light shades typically used in less trafficked areas. Regardless of the material you choose, our team at Arbor Floor N Design has worked with it all to design and install flooring you will love. Your next flooring project is just a phone call or stop away! Swing by our flooring store at 2001 N Bell Blvd., Cedar Park, Tx., 78613. Inside, we have a team of experienced flooring professionals ready to help, whatever the flooring project. We are open Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm, on Saturday from 10am to 5pm and on Sunday from noon to 4pm. You can also reach us by phone at (512) 260-6920 or email us with any of your questions at serenityfloorndesign@gmail.com.

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